LCP Properties is growing its business

06 september 2023

LCP Properties is growing its business


LCP Properties, known on the Polish market as one of the investors and developers of retail parks, is introducing a new dynamic to its business. They are now focusing on the expansion of their network of urban warehouses under the Multipark brand.

New warehouses and leases in LCP Properties' plans

At the moment, the company already has two projects of this type in operation: in Zabrze and Bydgoszcz (phase I). In addition, they have received an occupancy permit for a third warehouse in Bydgoszcz (phase II). LCP Properties is also planning the construction of further warehouses and the purchase of a plot of land for a new project, which will be launched in 2024.

Moreover, in the case of Multipark Bydgoszcz, the company has signed three new leases, covering a total area of 600 sq m, 300 sq m and as much as 1,600 sq m.

Innovative SBU Warehouses

SBUs are single- or two-storey modular buildings of up to 5,000 sq m of leasable space each. Several such buildings can be constructed within a single SBU. They are multi-functional buildings that allow for a variety of activities such as services, retail, exhibition and warehousing. They are built in convenient locations of cities with at least 100,000 inhabitants, along major traffic routes and in close proximity to industrial and commercial areas. In addition, car parks with parking spaces are located next to the module entrances, facilitating logistics and warehousing operations.

As part of Multipark, LCP Properties currently has three SBU buildings in Zabrze with a total area of 6,000 sq.m and one building in Bydgoszcz (phase I) with an area of 2,000 sq.m. The second warehouse in Bydgoszcz (approx. 3,000 sq.m) has recently been granted an occupancy permit. In addition, Bydgoszcz Multipark, which is the only such facility in the company's portfolio, also offers warehouse space in the traditional 'big box' formula with a total area of nearly 27,000 sq.m.

LCP Properties' vision for the development of SBU warehouses in Poland

The growing interest in SBU warehouses is driven by the needs of smaller online shops, start-ups and logistics companies that want access to local warehouse space. LCP Properties has the ambition to open SBU warehouses in each of Poland's 49 provinces, which will mean the availability of as much as 350,000 sq.m of modern space for small and medium-sized enterprises, which play a key role in the Polish economy.

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