Brownfield or Greenfield? Which Land Should You Choose?

The availability of attractive investment land is dwindling, and competition for these sites is set to intensify. Undeveloped plots, located on the outskirts of major cities or near transport hubs, are highly desirable for manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics industries due to their proximity to markets and human resources. However, suitable vacant lands are becoming scarce. Developers and investors in the industrial and logistics sectors are increasingly turning their attention to post-industrial sites—brownfield plots. What are the differences between greenfield and brownfield lands? What challenges do we face when selecting land for investment? Interested in this topic? Enjoy reading!

25 march 2024
Warehouse as an investment: Open the door to passive income

Investors often invest their funds by purchasing a ready-made facility with a signed lease with one or more tenants. Warehouses, although often undervalued, are an extremely attractive investment option that can generate a stable passive income. In this article, we will take a look at one such facility.

18 october 2023
Which is better: BTS or BTO?

An appropriate warehouse facility that has been tailor-made to your business needs is one of the key elements of success in today’s highly competitive market. As this issue is close to our hearts, in this insight article we will look at BTS and BTO warehouses to decide which could be better, why and what factors to consider when making a choice. We wish you a pleasant read.

25 september 2023
What is BTO (Built-To-Own) in warehousing?

A customised warehouse is key to market success for many companies, but they are likely to have business-specific needs, which in turn will call for a tailored approach. This is the reason why BTO (Built-To-Own) are popular among large organisations. BTO projects are nothing new in real estate - they are still an attractive alternative for clients looking for dedicated developments that need not be located in top logistics destinations. They are unique in that they are built to be owned by a client while a developer acts as a contractor and assumes greater responsibility than a general contractor - it is responsible for the entire development process: from planning through to administrative procedures and the handover of a ready-to-occupy facility. What are the advantages of a BTO project in warehousing? You can find out below.

11 september 2023
Will fundamental changes to zoning regulations impact the availability and prices of development land?

On 23 July 2023 the President of the Republic of Poland signed an amendment to the Zoning Act into law and the following day it was published in an official journal of laws. The amended law will take effect 30 days after its publication, thereby changing the regulations on local zoning plans, zoning decisions (WZ) and zoning studies that had been in force for 20 years. It is intended to streamline regulations, consolidate zoning provisions and ensure a more comprehensive approach to planning in Poland. Zoning professionals have, however, raised concerns that the amended law will, in fact, revolutionize regulations. Will this revolution also impact new industrial developments?

04 september 2023
What makes up a total warehouse occupancy cost?

Leasing a warehouse is a mission-critical factor for many businesses across the board and space per se is becoming a valuable commodity. Space suitable for storing goods, components or inventory is an essential part of an efficient supply chain. Choosing the right warehouse space is, however, quite a challenge. What are the actual costs of leasing a warehouse? What factors influence prices? You will find the answers in the article below.

28 august 2023
What is an ADR warehouse? And how to find one?

Shipping dangerous goods plays a key role in Poland, but what are the secrets behind ADR warehouses? What substances can be stored in them? What makes them so important in our daily life? This article looks at the issue and highlights key facts. We wish you a pleasant read!

17 august 2023
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What impacts the price of land? How does a more expensive plot translate into lower development costs?

Land prices depend on a number of factors, but primarily on the planned use of a site and its closest surroundings.

11 july 2023
Is it worth investing in Lublin? The investment environment in Lublin

Lublin is the largest cultural, academic and business centre in eastern Poland, with a population of close to 650,000 in its metropolitan area. A well-educated talent pool, competitive labour and leasing costs, and good quality expressways, among other things, add to the investment appeal of the city.

28 june 2023
What is a property leaseback and when is it profitable?

A sale-and-leaseback of a property, or simply “leaseback”, is a method of raising capital. In practice, it frees up funds locked in a property so that they can be used for various business purposes. Let us find out what exactly a leaseback is and when it is the most profitable solution. Below is some detailed information on the topic. We wish you a pleasant read.

23 may 2023
What is a Building Management System (BMS)?

Building operating and management costs are quite substantial. However, they can be optimised through the use of a Building Management System (BMS). What exactly is it all about and what are its benefits?

16 may 2023
Digital Twin Technology

A digital twin is a digital counterpart of a real-world physical object or process.

23 january 2023
Warehouse space dedicated to e-commerce in Poland has grown 84% since 2019

Poland has 7.35 million sq m of warehouse space dedicated to online fulfilment, accounting for 30.7% of the country’s total industrial stock.

19 july 2022
What to consider in planning a pharmaceutical warehouse?

What requirements must a warehouse for the pharmaceutical industry meet?

19 july 2022
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