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Wind power will flow from Western Pomerania

Wind power, which accounts for approximately 2% of total electricity supply, is at the global forefront of green solutions and growing well ahead of traditional energy technologies and other renewable energy sources. One of the most prospective regions in Poland for this sector is Western Pomerania. According to Catching the Business Wave of Logistics and Warehousing in Western Pomerania, a report from global real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield, this region is already seeing professional large-scale wind farms being established and is a clear leader in terms of economic potential for wind power with 14,000 MW, 40% ahead of Pomerania and Lower Silesia.

30 august 2023
Can West Pomerania compete with the Big Five markets? New regional report: “Catching the Business Wave in Western Pomerania”

Recent years have seen rapid growth in major infrastructure projects in West Pomerania which have significantly improved transport accessibility to the region and its investment potential. These developments have also bolstered the growth of the local industrial market, whose stock increased sixfold since 2016. West Pomerania now stands a chance of attracting more investment as developers have secured land to deliver as much as 900,000 sq m of warehouse and logistics space in the region, reveals the report “Catching the Business Wave of logistics and warehousing in Western Pomerania”.

01 june 2023
Cushman & Wakefield